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Our Idea

Braasi Industry is platform for development and production of equipment for urban cycling, commuting and travels. Urban essentials.
Every day use products as urban backpacks, anoraks, hats are inspired by simple mountaineering equipment of 80's. 

Items are designed as basics, do not contain unnecessary.

Production and development take place in own workshop here in Prague. All Braasi backpacks are made with love and care. Each bag is special. We are proud of using high quality fabrics, webbings and other material made in Czech Republic (EU).

Braasi Industry consists fans of cycling, traveling, nature as well culture.

All backpacks are waterresisnant.
They are designed for everyday use in the urban jungle.

Who is Braasi?

Eliska and Simon are two young architects with their own studio in Prague ( 

They started Braasi in 2013 as a hobby. Firstly making backpacks for themselves, then for friends and organically their venture grew into Braasi boutique factory.

Over time their original designs developed with their values of minimalism and practicality for your use and comfort.



tel: +420774171793

Braasi Industry workshop

Dělnická 67a
17100 Prague 7 Holešovice
Czech Republic

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