Braasi factory

braasi factory


Braasi was built from the ground up, step by step.
The manufacturing began in Eliška’s family house. We turned our apartment into a factory with sewing machines on our dining table, fabric and leather cutting in the bedroom and a packaging station on the couch.
This worked for a year but as more and more orders kept coming in we realised it was time to expand.

We found an old abandoned factory originally used to make aluminium casting molds in Holešovice – one of Prague’s oldest industrial areas and turned into the workshop of our dreams – and our new home.


We are both architects, so we designed the whole space ourselves.
The interior is layed out as a neighbourhood with alleys, greenery and functional spaces.
We divided the factory floor into separate functioning cells representing an ideal economical solution for heating such a large space in the winter months.
Our wish was to preserve the original characteristics of the interior as much as possible: including the natural light from our glazed skylights, the old fashioned look of the original ventilation, high ceilings with lots of open space and the industrialist charm of our brushed concrete floors.


The complete reconstruction took us two years and now it’s fully functional for all of our manufacturing needs.
Everything is done under one roof.
From the first sketch all the way to the finished product, including packaging and distribution.

Thanks to the multifunctional space, the path from sketch to dispatch is reduced to a minimum.
In its current form, the factory has a sewing workshop, a design and architectural office, a photography studio, spaces for events and workshops, and Tleskač’s workshop – the place where Braasi bikes are being born.


All our products are made in Braasi factory. Not only backpacks, bags and bicycles but also parkas and cargo-shirts are made here in Prague.
We care about materials origin, quality of our products and craft details.
Each bag is unique. It is completely make by single employee. Our lovely Eva, Tereza, Sara, Iva, Jitka and Julia sew the pieces of fabric together and braasi is slowly growing under their hands.
Everybody in Braasi is part of our family and helps us create the spirit.

prague braasi factory
Prague factory
braasi factory detail

original condition of the building
Braasi factory in 2015