Braasi EVO backpack with Rap Rap print

Rap Rap & BRAASI INDUSTRY (2019 - present)

Two years ago we designed a fanny pack and backpack Evo II for the brand Rap Rap, founded by graphic designer Jan Kloss and Josef Změlík, also known as the rapper “Idea”. How did we alter the designs? You can see for yourselves and purchase these products at

“It’s all about rap”.

Balboa boards & Braasi INDUSTRY (2019)

It is often a challenge for us to come up with completely new designs that are still original and exciting when collaborating with new partners. 

It made our brain cells spin when our friend Honza Vondrák approached us with a specification to create a completely new and unique backpack.  The request was to design a product to carry the balance board Balboa. The backpack needed to accommodate a cork cylinder and an oval board as well. We were thrilled when we eventually came up with the final design and manufactured functional backpacks to carry this equipment. The oval board became a base for our design.  We also constructed a front opening pocket that allows carrying spare clothing and a drinking bottle.

Braasi backpack for balancing boards

Beefeater & Braasi industry (2018)

The new limited edition of backpacks, fanny packs, and cosmetic bags was created when we approached the Beefeater brand with an idea to recycle their promotional banners used at the musical festival Colors of Ostrava. We are always thinking of practical ways to reduce waste. These unique products were then used as giveaway promo items.

Beefeater backpack is based on our model Levo

Becherovka & Braasi industry (2019)

When collaborating with liquor company Becherovka, we came up with a special new backpack design. 

The request was to create an urban or nature backpack with a special pocket for a flat bottle or the iconic Becherovka bottle. 

The pocket lining had a logo print. 

From its success this became a lasting cooperative project and today we produce these backpacks in a variety of color combinations under name YUKO.

Johnnie Walker & Braasi industry (2019)

Cooperation with Johnnie Walker happened effortlessly.
The company approached us after they saw the product we made for other liquor brands.
Our Webbing backpacks were chosen for their promotional backpacks and we branded them with their logo.

Scout foundation (2019-present)

As a result of our collaboration with the Jaroslav Foglar Foundation two of our existing models (Rolltop Cordura and Hertil) of backpacks became bags for scouts and their nature and city exploration.
We printed scouts’ flags on the front of each backpack and off they went into Jestrab’s store where scouts and fans of scouting can purchase them.
With every sold backpack a portion of the profit goes to the Scout Foundation.

We are currently preparing another new model, the urban version of Czech ‘Trampers’ backpack originally called “Tele”.

Czech Radio (2018)

We designed a totally authentic backpack for Czech Radio’s (Český rozhlas)
95th anniversary.
Our client provided us with their own visual design material for printing.
This was the original old photo taken at the very first radio broadcast from inside a borrowed scout’s canvas tent in Prague, Kbely 1923.
We used the subliminal printing technique on the waterproof polyester material.

After 2 years this model become part of our Explorer & Traveller category

Cryptobag for Paralelní Polis

In 2018 we were approached by a group of hackers around the Paralelni Polis project from the Institution of Cryptoanarchy to produce a secure backpack that prevents hackers from stealing sensitive personal digital data and does not allow wiretapping.
The protective principle is in the special Swiss-made material made from silver threads.
The pockets lined with such material reflects all wavelengths and therefore prevents skimming.
When a mobile phone is placed in such a pocket it loses its signal, becomes untraceable and acts like it is non-existent.
This backpack is designed with several secret pockets. Based on model Kira.

We are working to make sure that the protection required is 100 % reliable.

braasi for Doctors without borders (2019)

We donated 150 pieces of Noir and Nico backpacks to Doctors Without Borders or Médecins Sans Frontières (
The backpacks were made from a material which unfortunately changed colors with UV radiation but was otherwise strong, well made and practical like all of our products.
We did not want the backpacks to go to waste so we decided to give them away.
Doctors can take them for their international missions and use them to carry whatever is needed.

Paperjoe & Braasi industry (2015 - present) 

This limited edition from 2015 was created thanks to a shared office space.
The graphics author is Eva Hanzalová (
We printed her authentic graphic design onto 100% polyester by sublimation.
This instant favorite was soon added to our permanent collection.

You can check the PaperJoe collecion here.

Maappi & Braasi industry (2016 - present)

We were honored to collaborate with Maappi, the project of a 14-year old boy, who is on the autism spectrum.
Matěj is a big fan of public transportation and loves drawing maps.
This collaboration supported him in achieving his dream of becoming a designer.
His artwork is printed on our Subway backpack which because of its instant popularity has become a part of our permanent collection.
In cooperation with Matěj we have also created a dark color version of the same design.
These designs are also popular among our Braasi Baby collection.

Backpack with cycling print

Tomski&Polanski & Braasi industry (2014)

In 2014 we approached the Tomski & Polanski illustrators team to design backpacks for bike lovers.
It was before we exhibited our backpacks for the first time at 2014 designsUPERMARKET.
Two types of backpacks were born and have been enjoyed by bikers and many others.

Prints made 1000x otherwise (custom printing)

We are capable of printing almost anything.
Similar to Paperjoe we also developed a cooperation with the French store
The Mark on the Wall.

We also had a similar join project  with
Loow fat company. The children’s collection of fanny packs with printing was born as a result of that.

Backpacks as a gift for employees

The innovative backpacks were brought to existence when we created a collection of branded products for the start-up Up21. Each backpack includes a flat well-protected laptop computer pocket. Each new employee receives their own backpack as a useful work tool. (2016)

The urban equipment and furniture maker mmcité requested a 2 in1 product combining backpacks and bags all in one. The practical and elegant cotton combo bag (Canvas bag) was created. The company filled the backpacks with presents for Christmas and gave them to their designers, planners and architects. (2018)

Google employees are enjoying Braasi fanny packs which came out of our collaboration with Google Pay. (2019)

Our last year’s largest order came from the PPF group. The company surprised their employees with our backpacks Noir as Christmas presents. (2020)

We are proud to supply face masks to Christian Dior based in Vienna, Austria. (2020)

Companies that gifted employees or business partners with our products:
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