Braasi Industry is a family business.
We own a small factory in Prague’s Holešovice which we designed and renovated ourselves to create our manufacturing space.

We mainly focus on making our signature backpacks using locally sourced, quality materials.
The inspiration behind our designs comes from the simplistic aesthetics of 1980’s climbing gear.


When designing our collections, we draw from our architectural background to combine practicality, visual aesthetics and timelessness, keeping our products simple, clean, functional, and stylish.
At Braasi, we believe that less is more.

Each product is meant to be practical for everyday use in the city, as well as in nature.
Braasi brought the trend of rolltop backpacks to life, becoming very popular among bikers, travellers, and culture seekers.


Back in 2013 we had the idea to make backpacks for ourselves.
We sketched out a few designs and sewed our first prototype by hand.
When our friends saw us wearing it, they loved it and wanted their own, so we decided to buy a sewing machine.
We really enjoyed designing and making backpacks and the demand for them kept growing, so we decided to create our own brand.

The true start of our expansion was the 2014 designSUPERMARKET in Prague. The enthusiastic responses and growing interest persuaded us to offer our products abroad. We built a simple stand for our presentation, selected several trade shows across Europe and hit the road.
Immediately, our backpacks were noticed by foreign boutique owners and distributors.
Today more than half of our backpacks travel to foreign markets.

Braasi is no longer just a brand that sews backpacks.
As a family business, it is constantly evolving and growing with us every day.

Parenthood sparked the idea of launching a line of mini backpacks so our little ones could also B / IN. In 2019 we expanded our Urban Essentials with a clothing collection as well as two carefully designed bikes for the tech enthusiasts out there.


We are completely open to new ideas, suggestions or possible collaborations. Our goal is for Braasi to become a development and production platform.
We enjoy working with other people and companies because they bring fresh ideas and different perspectives to the table.
For that reason, you will notice Braasi collaborating with various illustrators and artists as well as commercial brands.


Eliska and Simon – the Braasi founders
tel: +420774171793 (Šimon Brabec)


Delnicka 67a
Prague 7 – Holesovice
170 00
Czech Republic