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Meterials and Care of Your Backpack

All types of backpacks consist of outer material, Cordura 1100D (nylon fiber) or cotton Canvas in combination with leather parts. Each type has a water-resistant lining with one main compartment and three little pockets. The colour of the lining is neatly chosen for each backpack design with preferably bright tinge. This makes it easier to see what you have inside.   
Every model has a ,,secret" outside pocket on the backside for your belongings such as keys, wallet etc. This pocket serves you as an express, easily accessible storage without opening the entire backpack. The Wicker and Haak models offer a wider pocket for 14” laptop inside.
The back of the Braasi backpacks is designed carefully so that it offers you the most comfort while carrying. We were inspired by old military backpacks, where the shoulder straps come from one point. This makes the entire weight well distributed over your shoulders. Due to the easily adjustable shoulder straps are the backpacks comfortable for tall as well as shorter users. The back and the straps are padded and sew through.   
Cordura is a synthetic, highly durable material with a rather shiny look. The models have more outdoor design and are very easy to maintain with the possibility of handwash cleaning. The material is water-resistant, next to the lining of the backpack, which is water-resistant too. These two layers keep your belongings inside safe and dry. On the top of that there is a possibility to treat your backpack with a waterproof impregnation spray in order to give it an extra protective layer.
There are different possibilities of colour combinations within Codrura 1100D parts. We do not combine this material with leather, since Cordura 1100D does not get patina.
Canvas, cotton backpacks are the more elegant pieces in our design line. These backpacks are water-resistant due to their lining. You may add an extra protective layer by treating the backpack with a waterproof impregnation spray. They are mostly combined with fine leather bottom parts. There are three little pockets inside and one secret backside pocket outside the model for your little but valuable belongings. With the Haak model you can make use of a specific laptop pocket.
All our products are made of mainly Czech materials. The plastic components (such as buckles, adjusters,..) are from japan company YKK with a very good reputation of high quality components. 
The illustrated backpacks are made from PES fabric. The print of the material is made by a specific technique, called sublimation.
These limited editions are results of close cooperation with designers and artists who create a specific design for Braasi.
The design of these models is similar to the others, with water-resistant lining, three pockets inside and one pockets backside of the backpack. The product may be treated with a waterproof impregnation spray as well.
CANVAS models in combination with leather parts may be given for dryclean only. If little stains occur on the backpack, you may use a wet cloth or upholstery product to clean it locally. Avoid making the leather parts wet in any case since this may make them harder, stained and misformed. Since the leather is untreated and therefore has a very specific vintage look with a unique patina, it may leave stains when getting wet. Therefore if ever your backpack with leather bottom gets wet, position it with bottom down so that the leather does not stain the cotton parts.

The synthetic models such as CORDURA 1100D may be handwashed carefully and hang up upside down in order to let the backpack dry smoothly.
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